Thing Labs acquires Birdfeed. Brizzly for iPhone launched.

Thing Labs acquires Birdfeed

Thing Labs is the company behind the popular web based Twitter client Brizzly.

The company has acquired Birdfeed which is a Twitter client available for the Apple iPhone platform.

It has now been renamed Brizzly for iPhone.

Thing Labs acquires Birdfeed

Birdfeed has been developed by Buzz Andersen. This application is no longer available on the Apple App Store as Thing Labs has launched the replacement as a brand new app.

Brizzly spoke about the new developments: “Since it is a new product rather than an upgrade, you won’t be prompted to upgrade… You can keep the old Birdfeed if you’d like, of course, but we won’t be supporting it, and will be iterating on Brizzly from here out.”

Checkout: Birdfeed Brizzly for iPhone

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