Britain does shopping on the net as well

Britain does shopping on the net as well

It is not only in America, that more and more customers are using the internet to shop during the holiday season. Reports have shown that even Britons are increasingly using the net to shop. A retail group in the country has said that the increase in numbers of Britons using the internet is around 50% and this is expected to go up even further.

The Interactive Media in Retail Group said in a statement that during the Christmas holiday season, consumers in UK spent as much as 5 billion pounds ($8.8 billion). This is up from sales of around 3.33 billion pounds in the 2004 holiday season. Throughout the 2005, U.K. shoppers spent around 19.2 billion pounds online.

IMRG’s managing director Jo Tucker said in a statement: “(Consumers) want the convenience and choice that online shopping provides. Many just don’t have time to trudge the streets hoping goods are in stock.” However, he also claimed that the stores in UK have to work hard on providing more goods online as it is still tough to find a variety of goods on the net.

IMRG also predicted that the current year is expected to see a growth of around 36% this year as well.

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