allows you to view almost all file formats allows you to view almost all file formats has announced that they have added a new feature on their service platform.

Users can now check out documents of most file formats right within the platform.

They support a variety of file formats including Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Flash. Not everyone has the viewer for these files.

The company is also asking for suggestions from their users on file formats they are currently not supporting. said in a message to their users:

We just added the ability to instantly view any type of file directly in your Box folders without even owning the software that created the file in the first place – the first technology of its kind (as far as we know!). From Adobe Illustrator and Flash videos to Word documents and PowerPoint, Box makes it quick and easy to view a file. We support almost all file types and are adding more rapidly – let us know if we’re missing something you want viewable.


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