Microsoft welcomes Apple’s Boot Camp software

Microsoft welcomes Apple’s Boot Camp software

Apple Computers recently shocked the tech world by launching a beta application called Boot Camp which now enables the owners of Intel powered Macintosh machines to dual boot Windows XP operating system.

Apple however has made it clear that they have no plans to support the XP operating system on Apple hardware and they are not discarding their own Mac OS X operating system product to concentrate on Windows Operating System.

Market analysts believe that the move would benefit Apple in the longer run as it would gain a lot more consumers who were previously afraid of buying a Mac, as they feared that they might end up requiring Windows software.

Microsoft has themselves welcomed this move from the iPod maker. Kevin Kutz, a director in Microsoft’s PC Windows business said in a statement: “Windows is a great operating system. We’re pleased that Apple customers are excited about running it and that Apple is responding to meet the demand.”

With Microsoft delaying the launch of the Windows Vista operating system till next year, it just might mean more sales for the Apple.

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