Boeing collaborates with Mobile Satellite Ventures

Boeing collaborates with Mobile Satellite Ventures

United States based Airline manufacturer Boeing has announced that they are collaborating with Mobile Satellite Ventures. The two companies would now be building three satellites and associated ground systems together. Boeing added that this deal with MSV is their largest in almost a decade and they are working hard on staying ahead of the competition.

Neither of the companies revealed the financial details formally behind this collaboration. However, the word from Mobile Satellite Ventures Chief Executive Alexander Good is that the deal would be worth around $500 million and $1 billion. Boeing signed on a bigger deal than this way back in 1997 when they ordered two huge satellites.

The company added that these new satellites would combine satellite and cellular technology to provide the world’s first commercial mobile satellite service using both space and terrestrial elements. The plan is to use these satellites to deliver voice and data coverage in North and South America. Boeing would be using the MSV’s technology to deliver service to wireless devices similar to cell phones.

Boeing and Mobile Satellite Ventures would be launching these new satellites in 2009 and 2010.

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