BNO News launches breaking news website

U.S.-focused news website will provide consumers with unprecedented access to official information, additional features to launch this summer

BNO News today announced the launch of a breaking news website that will provide consumers with a mix of original reporting, media monitoring and unprecedented access to official information, marking the first in a series of new services.

The website,, will be a unique resource for both the average news consumer and news professionals: providing brief breaking news alerts and updates, while offering a vast range of resources for those who want more information on the stories that interest them.

“With trust in mass media at an all time low of just 40 percent, I believe it is time for a new kind of news website – one that allows readers to dig into the stories they care about by giving them full access to the material that journalists work with,” said Michael van Poppel, founder and president of BNO News. “The website we are launching today is a first step towards making that goal a reality.”

Examples of this material include full copies of press releases, transcripts of news conferences, court documents, and transcripts of email and phone conversations with sources. “Making this information available as the news breaks will hold journalists accountable for their reporting and provides the public with a great new resource,” Van Poppel added.

James Valles, BNO News vice-president, said: “It’s alarming to see how many news outlets just get it wrong, often times reporting misinformation without going the extra mile to fact check. Our website will help both fellow journalists and the public. Our audience should expect to see original reporting in addition to media monitoring while we present an unfiltered look as the day’s top stories unfold.”

The BNO News website will initially focus on breaking and developing stories from the United States, with limited coverage of world events. Android and iOS applications are expected to be released later this summer, allowing users to be notified of breaking news on the go.

In addition to our website, today also marks a return to Twitter, with updates throughout the day at @BNONews and a feed limited to breaking news at @NewsFlash.

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