Blu-Ray Drives for PCs from Toshiba Samsung

Blu-Ray Drives for PCs from Toshiba Samsung

Toshiba Samsung Storage Technology Corp. has announced that they have finished the technical development of their Blu-Ray disc drives for PCs. This drive would be backward compatible and would also support a variety of CD and DVD formats. Toshiba Samsung has now plans to launch it in the retail market this coming march.

Richard Aguilera, western regional sales manager for optical disc-drive products at Samsung said in a statement: “The first technology will burn Blu-Ray, but only read DVD and CD disks. The next technology we’ll launch will burn all three technologies–Blu-Ray, DVDs, and CDs.”

The company’s second-generation drives are expected to be available by around April and August. These products are expected to be made available on higher end segment of consumer products in the coming times. As the technology is made more widely available and cost effective, the use would expand to other cheaper products.

Aguilera added: “First, you’ll probably see the technology pop up in storage applications to replace tape technology. And you’re likely to see the technology used by the telecommunications and the financial markets before you see it built into PCs.”

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