Google has good news for Bloggers around the World

Google has good news for Bloggers around the World

I love blogging. Have been doing it since 2 years now. However, like most other things and the understandable human nature… we like to corrupt everything for our own benefits. Same thing happened with Blogs. Regular Bloggers have been suffering a sadistic problem ever since the concept of blogging became popular due to involvement of big players like Google and MSN.

Google apparently love Blogs. In the last couple of months, I have personal seen some awesome results Blogs gain on the search engines. The simplicity of maintaining and updating a website comes out of the box with Blogs. In addition, they end up forming a big network of interlinked websites. This found a weakness in Google’s criteria of calculating website popularities.

Spammers found an easy way to improve their sites ranking in search engines. Using automated programs, anyone could get their links on thousand of highly ranked pages in a couple of hours. Active bloggers took extreme steps like implementing plugins to control them and even blocking commenting in worse case scenarios. However, on the larger scale spammers have managed to keep their advantage over general bloggers.

This caused headaches for the Blogging application developers like Six Apart Ltd and the likes. And with collaboration with the popular search engines in Google Inc., Microsoft Corp.’s MSN division and Yahoo Inc. they have found an easy solution to the problem.

They have announced support for a HTML attribute property called ‘nofollow’, which would now tell the search engines to ignore a particular link from the link popularity’s aspect. Hence, a link with this attribute will not gain anything for the targeted website. The aim is to kill the advantage spammers gain with comment spamming.

All the major Blog developers as a result have promised support for this tag in their updated versions or patches. Google made a formal announcement through their own Blog. However, what remains to be seen is that whether spammers stop following their practices due to this update. Apparently, many spam comments I have seen in the last couple of days have been more of an experiment which makes be believe that certain spammers (or programmers with a lot of free time) does it for the sake of fun and challenge to break through Anti-Spamming codes incorporated by the bloggers.

Google and other Search Engine giants have a challenge in their hands and they are taking steps to counter it…

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