Twitter launches Blackbird Pie to easily quote tweets

Twitter launches Blackbird Pie to easily quote tweets

As expected, Twitter has launched a new feature named Blackbird Pie which makes it very easy to quote a tweet.

Blackbird Pie is slightly complicated to use right now. You have to copy the link to the exact tweet you want to quote and place the URL in the text box on the service page.

You press the Bake it button and it generates a code that you can embed in your web page or blog posting.

We were hoping that this feature would be integrated in all the tweets making it easy for everyone to get quick access to this functionality.

The good thing about this tool is that it picks up the formatting and even the background of the tweet being quoted.

Here is a sample quoted tweet:

I’m sending a tweet from inside Twitter HQ. I’ll bet those hot girls in high school wish they had slept with me now.less than a minute ago via web

Checkout: Blackbird Pie

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