Bill Gates defends decision to accept Chinese government policies

Bill Gates defends decision to accept Chinese government policies

Microsoft CEO Bill Gates has somewhat lend his support to Google’s decision to bow down to Chinese government’s policies to get their Chinese version of search engine online. Gates said that the technology companies should not be criticized for accepting conditions laid down by China related to restricting open access to content available on politically sensitive nature.

He also argued that the access to information even if censored would help democratizing the web in itself. Gates also claimed that he would not stop conducting business in a particular country just because the government puts up certain restrictions for them to pursue their business interest on their land.

Gates added that Chinese users would be benefited nonetheless with the availability of better online tools. He said: “I think [the internet] is contributing to Chinese political engagement . . . Access to the outside world is preventing more censorship.” Microsoft is also criticized often for agreeing to demands from the Chinese government on their Chinese version services. MSN Spaces is one such service, which does not allow bloggers to post certain keywords in their posts related to freedom, democracy, and Tibet.

Gates added: “Once you had to have television or a newspaper to speak broadly; as the internet has come that power has changed and that is preventing significant censorship. The idea something can truly be kept secret – that can’t happen.”

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