BenQ plans to launch first HSDPA mobile phone

BenQ plans to launch first HSDPA mobile phone

BenQ Mobile has said that they are aiming at launching the world’s first HSDPA enabled mobile phone in the market. The aim is to launch this mobile phone just in time with the upcoming soccer World Cup in Germany.

However, the interesting part of this story is that the technology is not available in any mobile network at the moment and the company is not sure whether the networks in Europe would be capable of handling such a mobile phone by then.

HSDPA is a new technology, which brings high data speeds to mobile phones. It is said to be many times faster than the 3G based wireless broadband connectivity and is being accepted as the next big thing for mobile broadband.

South Korean tech giants Samsung have already announced their plans to launch such a mobile phone soon in the market. BenQ aims to come out with their product in the market first and are basing it on an older version of the Qualcomm chipset, which Samsung plans to use on their handset.

The company is the world’s sixth largest mobile phone manufacturer in the world and wants to showcase their capabilities by launching this new phone in the market.

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