Bengaluru’s food preferences go way beyond Idli & Dosa, finds the latest Woozoe survey

Woozoe, the Bengaluru-based crowd-sourced app that allows users to recommend, organise and discover the best eats around them recently conducted a survey to identify the food preferences of the residents of the Garden City. This survey demystified the assumption that people of Bengaluru only enjoy digging into South Indian food. Based on the reviews of its users, Woozoe has curated a list of food items that are the most popular among people.

At present, the numbers of Woozoe users in Bengaluru stands at about 3500 and these users have generated about 4850 reviews so far. A majority of restaurants that were reviewed are based out of Indiranagar and Koramangala. 35% of the total users have reviewed cuisines other than South Indian, making the love for novel culinary experiences in the city apparent.

Talking about the survey, Mr. Vikram Oswal, Founder, Woozoe, said, “Through the statistics we wanted to know the market demand of different dishes in Bengaluru and we saw that the palates of people have evolved tremendously over the years. Contrary to popular perception, food lovers in the Garden City don’t restrict themselves to South Indian fare alone, even though this cuisine continues to find a lot of favour. Bangaloreans have begun discovering the subtle nuances of other regional and international fare and are very vocal about their love for everything from Bengali Jhaal Muri to Kashmiri Phirni, as is clear from the survey.”

Although the most popular dish in Bengaluru is Masala Dosa, dishes such as Mutton Biryani and Vegetable Biryani make it to the top-five list and almost half of the total number of dishes reviewed by the users can be categorised as North-Indian, Hyderabadi, Bengali and Chinese cuisines.

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