Beijing still has problems with

Beijing still has problems with

News media reported last week that some parts of China were unable to access the recently launched Chinese version of the Google Search Engine. The launch was very controversial as the search engine gave into the demands of the Chinese government and confirmed that they were censoring results on searches made through website.

However, the interesting point is that despite all the efforts made by the company, tests conducted by the experts claimed that the site’s content was being blocked internally by the internet service providers in the country.

This was somewhat confirmed by the fact that the site is accessible from places outside China itself. Some other sites are also reportedly blocked which includes the popular news portal of the UK based news media giant BBC. Google had not yet commented their views on this issue and is expected to come out with a statement soon.

This is not the only instance of a US based tech company censoring their results to please the Chinese government. Both MSN and Yahoo! restrict their search results in China and this has not impressed the critics back home. However, considering China is the world’s second largest internet market, none of the tech giants can ignore this huge user base and is forced to comply with the government’s rulings.

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