Azim Premji University organizes 4th International Conference on Philosophy of Education

Azim Premji University organized the fourth international conference on Philosophy of Education at its premises from January 10 to January 12, 2016. The conference witnesses participation from scholars in various spheres of education from across the globe.

The three day conference began with an avid discussion on a particularly knotty issue educationists have been bothered by for decades ā€“ Is there a reason to include religion in the curriculum of public schools of secular, democratic societies? Does the exclusion of religion from the curriculum create problems for democratic societies rather than solve them?

Prof. Rajeev Bhargava’s (CSDS, Delhi) presentation triggered these and other questions that were discussed and argued on by around 100 people who attended the Conference. Educationists, educators, social scientists, and philosophers of education came together to discuss a wide range of philosophical problems and issues from the actual practice of teaching mathematics or translation of textbooks, the prevailing competition culture, threats to curriculum development from existing tradition as well as innovation and technology.

In this conference the major question underlying all these discussions was ā€“ What is the role of philosophy in the domain of education? This was responded to by Prof. Padma Sarangapani (TISS). On Day 2, this question was directly taken up in a panel discussion by Professor Rohit Dhankar (Azim Premji University), Professor Paul Standish (University of London) and Prof. Kaustuv Roy (Azim Premji University).

The conference also included presentations by Vasanthi Srinivasan (University of Hyderabad) on Educational policy, Prof. Jonardon Ganeri (New York University), Prof. Ravi Subramaniam (TIFR Bombay) and Prof. Rohit Dhankar (Azim Premji University) on the connection between philosophy and the practice of teaching, Prof. Manabi Mazumdar (CSSS, Kolkata), Prof. Paul Standish and Prof. Rajeev Bhargava on Culture and Curriculum.

Papers were presented by scholars across the world on issues like the philosophical justification for the quota system in super speciality courses, analysis of the approach of the Indian Constitution towards provisions for religious education, different approaches to moral education, the nature of autonomy and its implications on education, by Udit Bhatia, Asim Siddiqui, Madhava Chipalli, Manohar Kumar, Vijitha Rajan and Hari Narayanan.

Details can be found in the Conference website

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