Aviary is now totally free!

Aviary is now totally free!

Aviary is one of the most popular online image editors out there.

The developers have announced that they are making their service totally free.

They had been charging a fee for some advanced features like image hosting on their servers and so on.

The company said that they always wanted to have it all on offer for free but they had to keep their finances in control.

With recent funding, Aviary can afford to give away their entire service offering for free.

Aviary said:

We have long felt that to better serve our core mission our complete feature set needed to be in the hands of everyone – not just those who could afford it. Fortunately, our recent round of funding (by Spark Capital, Bezos Expeditions & others) enables us to finally achieve this goal as we shift revenues opportunities to other exciting areas that don’t limit individuals in any way. We are excited at the opportunity to stay true to our mission. Not many companies are so fortunate.

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