AskJeeves: The loyal butler is history as Ask retires Jeeves

AskJeeves: The loyal butler is history as Ask retires Jeeves

Search engine company has finally confirmed that they are firing their mascot servant Jeeves and he would no longer appear on their search engine service online. The company would now have a simple homepage with no friendly face greeting the customers.

The search engine company is now adopting a self-service approach for users looking for a focused way to search the Web. And the company wants to make it work beyond the guesswork by the users to put in the relevant keywords to get the desired results.

The new layout on the search engine features a slick, do-it-yourself toolbox. It enables the user to focus his searches based on the type of content and information he is looking for online. is offering as many as 20 different types of specialized search tools has developed. The company is also working on developing further specialized searching services to entice more users to get on their search engine.

Jim Lanzone, general manager of said in a statement on their initiative: “Other engines just do 10 blue links and ads around them. We have really gone a lot further. Users are going to experience a search engine that does more for them faster than any other search engine they use.”

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