launches internally developed Image Search Engine launches internally developed Image Search Engine

The competition in the search engine market keeps on getting hotter and hotter. The latest news in is that has launched its own internally developed version of an Image search engine and it is now live on their website. The’s latest offering is available at: Picture Search and is no longer reliant on services provided by third party service Picsearch.

The search engine company said that they are using advanced techniques to rank images based on “authoritativeness” within their “topic community”. In addition, they are also employing image-recognition technologies to sharpen the relevance. Also, the company added that the search suggestions specifically developed for this image search engine offer users alternative terms related to their query. also said in a statement that they decided to concentrate on developing an internally coded image search engine, as it is the second most used section on their search engine services. As per company sources, image searching constitutes almost 16% of all searches conducted on Multimedia search engines are gaining popularity nowadays with Google launching its own Video Search Engine, which also enables users to upload their own videos for sale.

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