Apple’s special offer with Tiger OS

Apple’s special offer with Tiger OS

Apple’s latest offering in Tiger OS goes on sale today. It is supposedly a massive upgrade to the Operating System for the Macintosh platform and plans to give solid competition to the upcoming Microsoft Longhorn based OS. And the company is going all out to promote it. Apple has priced the updated OS at USD 129 and they are taking some interesting steps to prove that it is worth the price.

They are going to test a special offering of free installation of the Operating System, which is something no other company has tried before. They are also offering a personal training session with an expert to help the user get accustomed to the new facilities provided by this new Operating System.

It begins in the evening America Time and would only be available at selected Apple’s fast-growing retail stores. Other retailers of this Operating System from the iPod maker are pricing the update at a low price tag of USD 99 without the personal assistance Apple is offering. Senior Vice President Ron Johnson had this to say about the unique offer: “Many people get nervous about upgrading their operating systems and worry about potential conflicts. Fine, we’ll do it for them.”

Tiger is a much-awaited upgrade and comes with exciting features like the new Spotlight technology aimed to match and cross the facilities provided by desktop searching utilities available on the PC platform. The company claims that Tiger OS comes with at least 200 enhancements and is much worth the upgrade.

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