Apple warns about possible shortage of Intel based Macintoshes

Apple warns about possible shortage of Intel based Macintoshes

The makers of Macintosh computers, Apple has said that they might be heading for a shortage of Mac computers powered by the Intel processors. The company recently launched two products based on new generation Intel Centrino Duo processors. The new Apple iMac and MacBook Pro are the first products from the company using these new processors.

Tim Cook, Apple’s chief operating officer said in a statement: “We may not be able to meet the demand on the MacBook Pro. The limited number of weeks to ship [the MacBook Pro] in the second quarter, and the very strong response we’ve gotten means we may not be able to meet demand.”

Another similar statement released by the company’s chief financial office, Peter Oppenheimer, supported him. Peter said that the company might suffer with somewhat poorer sales as they might not be able to meet the demands from the market for their new products based on the Intel processors.

Market analysts believe that the company suffers from such shortages as they keep their announcements secrets and the products are only released to the market after Steve Jobs officially announces them in front of the media and public. However, this is how Apple has always worked and they have shown with the success of iPod that Apple can be hugely successful with their products with constant and secretive development.

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