Apple could launch Safari 5 at WWDC 2010

Apple could launch Safari 5 at WWDC 2010

We are getting more and more reports about Apple planning to launch a brand new version of Safari at the upcoming WWDC 2010 event.

Web browser market is heating up again with Google Chrome becoming the browser of choice. It is currently the third most popular on the web after Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox.

Apple wants to change the perception that Safari is not cool (especially on Windows). Apple Safari 5 could be the most important release especially on the Windows platform.

Online sources indicate that the next version of Safari would feature some major enhancements that could make it a competitive browser in the market.

We have already here some sources stating that Safari would soon support third party add-ons (browser extensions!). Here are some more rumors:

Safari Reader would provide an easy way to read content available online.
JavaScript engine would be much more powerful.
Page caching and DNS prefetching would speed up browsing.
Microsoft Bing would join Google and Yahoo as search engine options.
HTML5 support would be improved.
New development tools to lure web developers to the Safari browser.
Address field would become much smarter. This has become a strong feature from all rival browsers.
Tabs would be given more focus over individual windows.
Safari would finally add support for hardware acceleration on Windows.
Search history would be improved with more information.
Private Browsing would be made more accessible. Top Sites and History too would be given more focus.

Apple has just launched a new HTML5 showcase on their website. This showcase is currently limited to the users of Safari web browser. This also points to the launch of a new major edition which would shine in these examples.

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