Apple preparing Arabic variant of Apple iPod?

Apple preparing Arabic variant of Apple iPod?

Latest reports coming in from the market is that the Macintosh maker Apple is now planning to target the Middle East market by launching a customized Apple iPod with Arabic user interface. As per Arabian Business, users in the region are pretty disappointed by lack of local language options in this popular digital music and video player and Apple is now targeting to pacify these customers.

Apple is said to be pretty confident about such a move and expect a massive jump in sales of Apple iPod in the region after the Arabic version is launched in this market. Elias Abou-Rustom, general manager, Arab Business Machines said in a statement on these market rumors: “iPods are already selling like hotcakes, but once Arabisation comes in, sales will explode”.

Arab Business Machines also promises to launch the Arabic version of the company’s Operating System Mac OS X sometime next month. This would further help Apple popularize their Macintosh computers in the region. Abou-Rustom said on these initiatives: “We hope it will be popular and appreciated by the Arab society — it’s a huge segment of our market. More effort needs to be exerted to convert software into Arabic.”

He added: “But what will make the OS Mac 10 a success is the fact that the Arabisation is being done entirely in-house — not subcontracted — so the time-to delivery will be shorter, and the quality will be better”.

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