Apple planning for iPod Video

Apple planning for iPod Video

Apple has practically crushed the owner of the walkman brand Sony when it comes to digital music market. Their iPod is the largest selling digital music player and it is complimented very well by the Apple iTunes Digital Music store. The market is now looking forward to who would be able to match the performance of Apple in digital music market to provide video on portable device.

While, Sony has already announced their plans to enter this market of portable video devices to capture that segment of market, which is expected to become hot in the coming days, Apple is also said to be considering targeting this market with updated products. The company is now planning to upgrade their iPod range of digital players to support video playing capabilities.

The WSJ has reported that Apple is in discussions with the major recording companies to license music videos to sell through Apple’s iTunes Music Store. This would definitely require them to release iPod-based products, which are capable of running videos on them. Rumors in the market claim that the company would be updating their iPod series in this coming November.

Apple is said to be planning to charge around 1.99 dollars for each video available on sale through their store. This is about twice the charge of each song that they sell on iTunes Digital Store. The company is also said to have approached four major music companies, Warner Music Group, EMI, Universal Music Group and Sony BMG for licenses issues for their videos to be made available for sale on their iTunes.

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