Apple Mac to be powered by Intel Processors?

CNet says Apple moving on to Intel Processors

CNet has reported that the rumors are true that Apple Computers is indeed moving to Intel Processors. The report claims that the official announcement is expected to come this Monday as Apple plans to dump IBM as their primary chip supplier. They are expecting to start shipping their cheaper variant Mac Mini featuring an Intel processor as early as 2006 with higher end models switching in 2007.

Steve Jobs is scheduled for a keynote speech at the annual conference for software developers on Friday and the opportunity is perfect to announce such a crucial change of policy for the Macintosh maker. This move would require significant changes in the way the softwares are developed for the Apple Macintosh platform. This would not please many Apple platform developers.

In addition to International Business Machines Corporation, Freescale Semiconductor Inc. also supplies processors to Apple and is likely to be affected by this decision. Apple is reported to be unhappy with IBM as they think the company is not developing a broad enough line of chips for them to offer to the customers. In addition, with IBM supplying processors for the next generation gaming machines for Microsoft, Sony (Cell Processor) and Nintendo… Apple has reasons to be worried about IBM’s commitment to Macs in the longer term.

However, the move is not expected to be smooth if it indeed takes place. This policy change would mean that a lot of work would be required from Apple and their contributing software developers for a transition from IBM to Intel Processors. And it might make the current prospective customers of the Apple Computers to delay their decisions to buy current generation Apple. Everything would however depend upon the speculated announcement scheduled for day after tomorrow.

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