Apple launches iTunes in Japan

Apple launches iTunes in Japan

Apple Computers have finally launched their popular and very successful iTunes Digital Music store in the crucial market of Japan. The country is the second largest market in terms of sales of music albums and already many other companies exist providing similar services to that of iTunes. This makes the situation interesting for Apple as they enter a market for the first time where they would have to face decent competition to lure the customers.

They have already had massive success with their iTunes store in America and Europe. The company sells more than a million songs a day and has sold more than 500 million songs since its launch. It already serves customers in 19 countries and has been in business since almost 2 years. The Japanese store would be charging around 150 yen ($1.35) each for 90 percent of its songs and 200 yen for the other 10 percent. This is cheaper then what the competition in Sony charges from their store.

15 Japanese companies have collaborated with Apple to provide their content for the iTunes store for Japan. This includes the biggie Avex Group Holdings Inc. that would help the store offer more than a million songs from iTunes Japan. The company does not gain much from the sales of the songs on iTunes. However, it helps them drive the sales of the popular series of iPod music player, which is the best seller in its category.

Japan being the hometown of Sony, has a preference of Walkman range of MP3 players. With this entry in the Japanese market, Apple would be hoping for improved sales of iPod devices in the Japanese market.

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