Apple smashes 200 million mark on iTunes

Apple smashes 200 million mark on iTunes

Apple is already selling iPod like hot cake. Now, the latest news in is that they have now sold more than 200 million songs on their iTunes digital music store! This comes in addition to the news that they are collaborating with Motorola to manufacture iTunes compatible mobile phones. Things have rarely looked so good for the developers of Macintosh computers.

This news is just another testimony of their massively popular iPod digital music player, which has become a fashion icon of its own. People consider it to be a great holiday gift and are buying it in large numbers. So much so that many stores have reported to be running out of them generating a waiting period for this device.

Apple opened iTunes in April 2003 and has been constantly updating the iPod to compliment it. Apart from the recently launched iPod Photo, Apple also released a special edition U2 iPod endorsed by the popular music group. Rumors are floating for another upgrade in the iPod capacity as Toshiba has recently announced development of 80GB hard disks in the same platform, which powers iPod.

The sales are not expected to slow down any time soon considering Apple recently enable shopping on iTunes through PayPal. This makes it even more easier for Apple fans to buy and gift songs. In the end setting even higher levels for competition to match.

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