Apple iPod nano problems and the craze for iPods

Apple iPod nano problems and the craze for iPods

Apple has had a massive success with their iPod range of music players. Seldom do we see any problems originating with their music players. However, the fabulous Apple iPod nano did cause some media glare with reports floating on the internet claiming that the display screen of the nano was so fragile that it got scratched too easily.

Apple initially dismissed these reports but later agreed to replace any defective unit, which was delivered at a sub standard quality rate. However, they were still sued by a group claiming to be representing tons of Apple iPod nano owners. Now, market analysts believe that if the case is not settled soon enough, it could spell troubles for the Macintosh maker.

The complainants are asking for punitive damages and a share of future Apple profits. Rob Bamforth, principle analyst at Quocirca said in a statement: “With things like this it’s more the way they are handled rather than the problem itself that can hurt sales.” He also added: “Apple has had a good reputation for quality and their design style is very good. The way they replaced the cracked screens did them a lot of good; it recognized the problem and addressed it.”

Apple is still to respond to the claim for which they have a period of a month to do so. It would be interesting to see how the company reacts while the market continues to see huge sales of all the iPods including the fabulous nano.

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