Apple hope iPod users will upgrade to Mac Mini

Apple hope iPod users will upgrade to Mac Mini

Apple hit it big time with iPod. With more than 10 million units sold, iPod is one big jewel in Steve Jobs’ crown. They are playing hard this time. They are attacking the budget segment with their latest offerings in Mac Mini. And they are hoping iPod users will move onto Mac with the super cheap Mini. The USD 499 Macintosh computer is the cheapest offering from Apple ever and can become the next big success.

Many iPod users are on PC Platform for their computing needs just because Macs are too costly. Apple realized that and with Mini has provided these customers a cheap alternative to move onto Mac. Moreover, they get to use most of their existing components, which further reduce the moving costings.

In fact, Jobs said in the press conference: “People who are thinking of switching will have no more excuses”. The Mac Mini is a complete computer with a 1.25 GHz PowerPC G4 processor, 256 megabytes of RAM and a 40 gigabyte hard drive. Users however would have to get their own monitors, keyboard, and mouse. This suggests that Apple is more looking for switchers rather than new users.

Other new launches by the Macintosh maker included the tiny iPod Shuffle that costs just USD 99 and can hold around 120 songs. It comes with no screens but is as small as most gum sticks.

It however remains to be seen whether people will take to Mac Mini as they did with iPods. More eyes will be on apple if they can sustain the demand while remaining profitable considering these new devices are not coming with huge profit margins.

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