Apple expands ‘iTunes U’ program

Apple expands ‘iTunes U’ program

Apple Computers has not only revolutionized the way people listened to music with their Apple iPod range of digital music players. But the company has also pioneered the way people download songs and videos from the net. Apple iTunes has given hope to the music industry in the USA that people would buy songs if they were given convenient ways to do it.

Now, Apple has gone even further with their iTunes program and has collaborated with educational institutions in the country to launch ‘iTunes U’ program. This program started with the “Stanford On iTunes” initiative, which Apple launched with support from the Stanford University.

The company has now expanded this program to include several schools, including Duke University, Drexel University’s School of Education, and the University of Michigan School of Dentistry. The service is called ‘iTunes U’ and enables the universities and schools to provide free vocal lectures to their students for download from the customized iTunes service.

This gives the students free access to the educational content, including lectures and interviews 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Stanford claims that they have made available close to 500 tracks, which include lectures and lessons. As per incoming reports, over 130,000 tracks were downloaded from the site in the first two weeks. The trend continued and has shown enough popularity for Apple to make it a permanent feature with support from more universities and colleges.

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