Apple due to launch some ‘exciting’ products soon

Apple due to launch some ‘exciting’ products soon

Macintosh maker Apple has some exciting products up for launch soon as the company is somewhat teasing the market analysts by confirming a possible announcement without revealing much details.

The company has mailed some tech journalists about the upcoming launch ceremony and have invited them to visit the company’s headquarter next Tuesday to learn more. The invitation sent mentions: “Come see some fun, new products from Apple.”

Now, this is interesting…

Market experts believe that the company might be planning to launch a 17-inch version of their recently unveiled MacBook Pro along with a redesigned iBook with a 13-inch widescreen display. Sam Bhavnani, an analyst at market researcher Current Analysis said in a statement: “The reason to expect an iBook announcement is so that Apple is able to have sufficient quantities shipping in time for back to school.”

He further added: “The fact that Apple started shipping Intel products ahead of schedule means it is serious about winning ‘switchers,’ and key to getting Windows customers will be to have systems that cost significantly less than $2,000”.

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