Apple planning on expanding stores in Britain

Apple planning on expanding stores in Britain

As per incoming reports, Apple Computers have massive plans to expand their reach in the UK market. The company is said to be looking at opening as many as 20 retail stores at some of the best locations in the country to make their products available conveniently to their prospective customers.

News reports cites a real estate agent Chris Braithwaite, a director of Cushman and Wakefield who said in a statement: “Apple wants to open in the best 20 retail locations in the UK. It has just told us to get on and find the space.”

Apple Computers UK division has for now declined to comment on this rumor circulating around in the market. The company already has six stores in the country and is on their way to launch the seventh one. Their London based store is one of their most busy ones around the world.

News reports believe that these new stores would be located in regions like Scotland, Edinburgh, and Glasgow. Some reports also claim that Apple also has plans to expand their presence in other European markets like Germany with stores planned for cities like Munich, Frankfurt, Hamburg, Cologne, and Berlin.

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