AOL to launch ‘Gold Rush!’ reality show with Mark Burnett

AOL to launch ‘Gold Rush!’ reality show with Mark Burnett

Reality Television never looked so good with Time Warner’s internet division AOL announcing collaboration with Mark Burnett to launch an online show ‘Gold Rush!’ on their website This would be AOL’s fourth such online based show but the first with the man who started the reality television genre.

Mark Burnett Productions started the hoopla on the reality television genre when they launched their Survivor series and now along with, they would be developing a totally new internet based series called ‘Gold Rush!’. This would be exclusive to AOL and could be tracked on their website.

Gold Rush! Would be featuring a cast of competitors hunting for treasures around the country based on clues available on various content channels of AOL. This would compliment other reality shows currently being hosted on the AOL website, which includes ‘The Biz’, and the ‘Start up’.

AOL has been working hard on improving their online content services to gain more revenues from online advertisement. Their ISP division is not performing as per their expectations and are losing customers. They also recently announced new plans to get back into ISP business and have plans to offer high-speed broadband across the country in partnership with three companies.

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