An Apple iPod with another name is even more cool

HP branded iPod available now…

Apple’s iPod has been defined as an uber cool product by the reviewers. It has redefined the digital music player industry. Apple is more known for the iPod and iTunes than for iMacs or iBooks. It sells millions of songs over the internet. Even the PC users want to own one. So, how does competition take it? Real played hard, started offering songs at half the price that too compatible with generic iPod players. But HP played it safe. Partnered Apple and now we have a HP branded iPod in the market.

So, why buy an iPod from HP rather than from Apple? HP gives the option of printable tattoos to customize the front of the iPod bezel which can be printed from any recent HP printer. Thus the iPod no longer has to look like each other. Users are free to make it look like practically anything! The “HP Printable Tattoos”, which are basically printable stickers and are water resistant. HP also has struck a deal with Universal Music Group (UMG) to provide album art from recent artist releases as printable iPod bezel images.

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