America Online integrates Truveo technology in AOL Video Search

America Online integrates Truveo technology in AOL Video Search

Time Warner’s internet division America Online has revealed that they have upgraded their video search engine by incorporating the technology they gained on acquiring Truveo Inc. AOL had acquired this little known video search engine in December last year.

The company acquired Truveo with the aim of expanding the portal’s ability to find video on the Web. AOL is focusing a lot on improving their online services to lure in more customers considering the company is planning to expand their revenues from online advertisement powered free services.

Truveo technology provides AOL rights to their proprietary Web crawling technology that it calls “visual crawling”. This technology goes beyond the regular methods of analyzing the video content as it studies the context of the surrounding Web application, which often reveals detailed metadata about the video.

This makes the searches more accurate for the end user. With this added ability, the search engine now indexes more than 1.8 million videos, which is a massive improvement over the AOL’s archive of 20,000+ original and licensed videos.

AOL has also revealed that they are adding another new feature in their search engine, which they call “Hi-Q Videos”. This format enables the user to watch the videos in full screen mode.

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