America Online testing Chinese portal

America Online testing Chinese portal

Time Warner’s Internet division America Online has launched a beta test portal of their Chinese language website. This was expected considering China has become the world’s second largest internet market and is growing at a very fast pace.

The company is currently aiming this site at the Chinese Americans and is interestingly offering features, which are somewhat more ambitious than its main U.S. site as per market analysts.

This Chinese AOL portal is offering full-length features and episodes of TV series from China, which can be viewed directly from the website. The English language portal of the company does not offer such functionality!

AOL has been increasingly shifting their focus to online advertisement based services and have scrapped plans to increase paid for services in the near future. The company recently went into an extended collaboration with search engine giant Google for online advertisement service.

The company has for now said that they have no immediate plans to enter the Chinese market and are only focusing at the 2.7 million strong Chinese American audiences. They have collaborated with U.S.-based MediaZone, owners of for Chinese content for their customers.

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