Market analysts: AMD still has an edge over Intel

Market analysts: AMD still has an edge over Intel

Intel is the world’s largest manufacturer of PC microprocessors. However, in the recent times they have increasingly coming under pressure from the other major processor maker AMD (Advanced Micro Devices). Last couple of years have been phenomenal for AMD as they first came out with the 64 bit processors and showcased the first dual core processors for the PC.

However, Intel bounced back by releasing the dual core processors out in the market first and also launched the Centrino Duo range for the laptops. Apple and other computer makers would soon start selling computers based on this processor range. However, the market analysts still believe that AMD still has a competitive edge over their bigger competitor and might continue to lead the way for another two years.

Caris & Company analyst Rick Whittington is one of these analysts who are still maintaining a rating of Buy on the AMD stocks. He believes that Intel would still face problems facing the products coming in from AMD in the coming times. AMD is due to launch new products in the market beginning March this year and are due to launch 65 nanometer products in the second half of 2006.

He added that Intel would stay behind AMD when it comes to technical innovation in the processor market till the time they release products based on 45nm technology which the company showcased just a couple of days ago. This might happen only by the end of next year. Till that time, AMD is expected to dominate the market with faster and more capable processors.

Whittington also claimed that AMD also has an advantage over Intel when it comes to virtualization technology considering their technology puts less strain on the processing power compared to Intel’s processor range. Virtualization is going to become a hot segment in the coming months and would bring new and more customers to AMD.

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