AMD shows strong gains in Quarter 4 of 2005

AMD shows strong gains in Quarter 4 of 2005

AMD had an amazing year in 2005. The company has now reported a strong performance in the last quarter of the last year as it is continuing to perform well in the server markets with their dual core server processors. AMD’s Chairman, CEO, and President Hector Ruiz said in a statement on their market share: “The server business continues to be an engine of growth. Clearly we have gained significant share in the fourth quarter.”

The company reported a net income of around $96 million in the last quarter of last year. This is a phenomenal improvement from a loss of $30 million in the same period the year before that. This is also much better performance compared to what the market expected. The overall earning per share for the company came to around 45 cents a share.

The sales in the last quarter were also up by around 45 compared to the previous year. AMD reported sales of $1.84 billion in the period. The company stated that they have benefited a lot from improving sales in the server market. In addition, the mobile and the desktop machines market also chipped in to help AMD gain market share on their rivals Intel.

However, with Intel back in the business with their Centrino Duo processor range and a new agreement with Apple, AMD would have to fight it out again this year to continue this impressive performance.

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