AMD improves its market share to 20% plus

AMD improves its market share to 20% plus

Intel might have hit a high early this year with the launch of Macintosh computers powered by their Intel Centrino Duo processors, but they are still facing serious competition from the underdogs AMD (Advanced Micro Devices). The latest news in claims that AMD has now improved its market share to above 20%, which is the best performance for the company ever.

As per latest statistics, AMD now accounts for 21.4 percent of all desktop, notebook and server processors using the x86 instruction set. These figures are for the fourth quarter of last year, which saw the sales of AMD processors boom. This is an improvement on their previous reported market share of 17.7 percent in the third quarter.

These statistics are part of an upcoming report from the research group, Mercury Research. The group has confirmed the AMD’s market share but won’t say anything about the figures for Intel Corporation. However, considering these two companies form more than 98% of the market for PC based microprocessors, it is not hard to guess where Intel stands now.

AMD seems to have benefited a lot from the shipments of Opteron server processors. However, Intel still has a solid advantage when it comes to processors for the laptops and portable computers. We should be able to see products targeting the Centrino Duo package from AMD sometime later this year.

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