AMD gains share in Server Market

AMD gains share in Server Market

Advanced Micro Devices has made major gains in the server market of the IT industry as it has reported that the Opteron processor garnered more than 10 percent of last quarter’s server processor shipments. This is a huge improvement when we look at the previous quarters and the company’s share in the processor market compared to Intel.

The information was revealed by Mercury Research who said that the Opteron shipments made up 11.2 percent of the total number of server processors using the x86 instruction set shipped during the second quarter. This organization measures the market share by the number of processors shipped by vendors such as AMD and Intel not the actual percentage of usage in the actual market.

Intel has been dominating the server market since years now with its Xeon processors being the popular choice of the corporates and the enterprise sector. They provide a good combination of cost and performance in collaboration with implementation of Linux and Microsoft Windows Server.

AMD Opteron processor was introduced in 2003 and combined an integrated memory controller with 64-bit extensions to the x86 instruction set used by Windows and Linux. This improved the performance of the overall server systems dramatically helping organizations to keep costing low. AMD has also reported that revenue from Opteron sales doubled from the first quarter to the second. Definitely good news for the company, which is practically giving Intel nightmares since many months now.

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