AMD cuts Opteron prices

AMD cuts Opteron prices

There is good news for the AMD fans as the company decided to cut the prices of some of their Opteron processors this week. The company is now also due to announce new memory technology and also would be showcasing a new socket for its server chips.

As a result of this price cut, many variants of the Opteron 200 series and Opteron 800 series processors now cheaper. The prices of the dual-core Opteron 280 and Opteron 880 are down by 34 percent and 43 percent, respectively.

However, this news does not surprise market analysts as both AMD and Intel are used to cutting the prices of existing range of processors before launching new platforms and chips based on them.

AMD has now plans to add support for DDR 2 memory to its Opteron processors by the middle of this year. The new chips would also support the new socket to connect the processor to the motherboard. However, these will not be compatible with the current generation of chips and might disappoint certain consumers who were looking to upgrade their machines.

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