AMD rumored to be considering offering ARM based chips

Industry sources believe that AMD is looking at the future and could drastically change their business in the coming years.

The company is known as the only alternative to Intel in the personal computer chip market. Intel has dominated the scene since the very beginning. AMD has done well in patches but they have never come close.

AMD rumored to be considering offering ARM based chips

AMD is said to be considering changing their focus from the battle with Intel to become a major force in the mobile market.

Experts believe that AMD might soon license the ARM technology to develop their own processors for smartphones, tablets and similar devices. They could equip them with their own ATI GPU tech making them a solid combination.

This could become a major business in the coming years for AMD as the world is moving to something of a Post PC era. ARM is already the dominating platform for mobile processors.

Intel has been working hard on their own mobile processors but they are unlikely to have anything that could match the capabilities of ARM platform for many years to come. AMD could benefit from that.

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