considering starting an Online Video Store considering starting an Online Video Store

Looks like after a spate of launches for online music download services, it is the turn of tech companies to get into the online video stores. Apple started the fad when they added video clippings and television shows to their Apple iTunes digital store and is now selling them in big numbers for play on the Apple iPod Video devices.

Google followed Apple by launching their own Google Video Store. Their efforts are more interesting considering they are letting anyone to upload their videos for sale. The latest news coming in from the market is that the next big player to enter this market might be none other than the ecommerce giants

A media source has indicated that the online retailing store is considering rolling out a full-length digital downloads toward the end of April. They are reportedly talking to many media outlets for content including Image Entertainment, Ardustry Home Entertainment, and First Look Entertainment. The aim is to launch the service with at least two big names as their partners. currently has a small presence in the music download market and also provides short stories for sale on the net.

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