Amazon testing Kindle Compass magazine with some users

Amazon is going to test out a new free publication named Kindle Compass with the owners of their Kindle devices.

Little is known about this new service but the company sort of committed a PR blunder by sending incorrect information about it.

The mails sent to the Kindle owners talked about a subscription based service with a free trial.

Amazon testing Kindle Compass magazine with some users

The company has now clarified that the service is free of charge and Kindle owners can opt out.

Amazon said:

This morning we sent you an email regarding The Kindle Compass, a new free publication built by the Kindle editorial team that we’re piloting to a small number of Kindle customers.

This email incorrectly referred to The Kindle Compass as a subscription with a free trial. We built it to always be free for customers, and you will never be charged for it. We apologize for any confusion.

If you wish to unsubscribe from the pilot for The Kindle Compass you can do so from a link in the last section of the magazine, or from the Manage Your Kindle Subscriptions page at

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