Amazon DynamoDB launched

Amazon has announced the launch of their latest product which is now part of Amazon Web Services.

Amazon DynamoDB launched

This new product is a database platform named Amazon DynamoDB.


Fast, predictable performance at any scale. Customers can typically achieve average latencies in the single-digit milliseconds for database operations.

Durability and high-availability. DynamoDB stores data on Solid State Drives (SSDs) and replicates it synchronously across multiple AWS Availability Zones in an AWS Region.

Seamless scalability. For example, you can easily grow your DynamoDB table from 1,000 writes per second to 100,000 writes per second or more using the AWS Management Console.

Easy administration. Amazon DynamoDB is a fully managed service. You don’t need to worry about hardware or software provisioning, setup and configuration, software patching, operating a reliable, distributed database cluster, or partitioning data over multiple instances as you scale.

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