Alaska Airlines orders 737 from Boeing

Alaska Airlines orders 737 from Boeing

Airplane manufacturers are having a great time this month. Lots of orders are coming in at the Paris Air Show, which started this Monday. The latest being a 35 plane order from the Alaska Airlines for the Boeing 737 planes. This is accompanied by an additional order of 18 planes from Air Europa based in Spain.

At market rate, the combined worth of these two orders is around USD 3.5 Billion though the final prices would be much lower considering the heavy discounts the airlines would manage to extract from Boeing.

Alaska Airlines also took an option to buy 15 additional 737-800s and acquired purchase rights for another 50 of the single-aisle jets. In addition, the Air Europa’s agreement included options for an additional 12 737-800s.

The delivery of the Alaska Airlines would be spread out over the next six years. The first plane is expected to arrive in January 2006. The current fleet of the company includes 109 aircraft, which includes 26 Boeing MD-80s.

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