Airbus stays ahead of Boeing in 2005 as well

Airbus stays ahead of Boeing in 2005 as well

Airbus continues to dominate the aircraft manufacturing industry as they made a strong comeback in the month of December to overtake their close rivals Boeing in the number of orders for their planes. They are already the world’s largest commercial plane manufacturer and they have now beaten Boeing for the fifth straight year in terms of number of ordered planes.

As per the final statistics for the year 2005, Airbus won net orders for 1,055 planes compared with 1,002 for Boeing. Boeing was leading going into the last month of last year. Airbus also managed to deliver more planes during the calendar year 2005 with 378 planes deliveries. Boeing managed just around 290 planes, which is a 30% lower unit, compared to their competitors.

2005 was a great year for the airline industry as the market boom in the Asian countries like India and China contributed a lot to the demand for new planes. The combined orders for both the companies touched a new high of 2,057 orders compared to the previous high of 1,631 in 1989.

Airbus Chief Executive Gustav Humbert spoke about their company’s performance: “Last year was our best year ever and also very good for the industry as a whole. Airlines have never ever placed so many orders, a sign that they are very optimistic about the future of air transportation.”

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