Air India to launch non-stop flights to USA

Air India to launch non-stop flights to USA

The government owned airline company Air India has plans to launch its direct flights to the United States by the starting of next year. It should be possible after the company takes the delivery of their recently ordered B777-200LR aircraft from Boeing Company.

Air India is now considering starting non-stop flights from Bombay and Delhi to both New York and Chicago. The company had ordered eight 777-200LR Worldliners in their mega order of 68 aircraft from Boeing for an estimated $8.1 billion.

They should be getting the first of these big planes from Boeing later this year. Their current flights to the USA go through European destinations including London, Frankfurt, and Paris. Air India offer flights to US destinations like Los Angeles, Chicago, New York, and Newyark.

Their direct flights to the US would be helpful for their customers too as it would do away with the requirement of having a visa for UK despite the fact that they are not stopping their for a stay. Many passengers prefer direct flights and prefer other airline companies offering them leaving Air India with fewer customers in the longer run.

The India-US route is one of the busiest one and once the direct flights are offered, it would bring a lot more customers to Air India.

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