Apple launches affordable iPods

Apple launches affordable iPods

Macintosh makers Apple have launched even cheaper variants of their iPod range of digital music players and are now targeting the low priced Chinese players, which are present in huge variety in the market. Some of them even go on mimicking the players from the company. However, with prices coming down, many more customers would prefer to go for the real thing and buy an Apple iPod.

The company also added shows from pay-TV’s Showtime to its iTunes store. This would further strengthen their dominating position in the video download market on the internet. The company already has more than 80% market share when it comes to legitimate digital music download and all these new efforts should improve upon that.

Apple has now lowered the prices of their Apple iPod Shuffle models to $69 and $99. In addition, they have also added on a $149 iPod nano with 1 gigabyte of memory. The already available iPod nano models sell for $199 and $249.

Apple is now also selling episodes from three Showtime series: Weeds, Fat Actress, and Sleeper Cell on the Apple iTunes digital store. Apple Vice President Greg Joswiak said in a statement on these new additions: “It was key for us, after having such a great year, to keep on trying to continue and grow the market.”

The domination of the company in the digital music player market can be seen from the fact that PC manufacturing giants Dell recently announced their decision to stop manufacturing higher end digital players. This move was a result of failed attempts to stop the popularity of the Apple iPod players in the market. However, companies like Creative and Sony are still working hard on launching newer and better players in the market.

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