Adobe Dreamweaver CS5 HTML5 Pack released

Adobe Creative Suite 5 gets Adobe HTML5 Pack

Adobe has released a new tool set to add extended support for HTML5 in their Adobe Creative Suite 5.

This toolkit was launched at the Google I/O conference. Adobe and Google have expanded their partnership in the recent times.

Google might be a strong advocate of the HTML5 platform but they continue to support Adobe Flash unlike Apple.

Google Android 2.2 would feature support for Adobe Flash Player.

Adobe launched their Adobe HTML5 Pack which works as an extension for Adobe Dreamweaver CS5.

Adobe spoke about this add-on:

This extension enhances Dreamweaver CS5 in the following ways:

Introduces the Multiscreen Preview panel , allowing for Live View display on 3 different screen sizes, with Media Query support. (Window > Multiscreen Preview)
Adds code hinting for the HTML5 Tag Library with new tags, attributes, and properties.
Updates code hinting for new attributes and values in existing HTML tags.
Adds code hinting for the following CSS3 specifications: 2D/3D Transformations; Animations; Background and Border; Basic User Interface; Line Layout; Marquee; Media Queries; MultiColumn; Ruby; Text; and Transitions.
Updates Live View to support < video > and < audio >. (Requires Quicktime installation.)
Improved rendering for CSS3 in Live View.
Adds HTML5 starter layouts to the New Document Dialog box.
Offers better rendering for new tags in Design View.

Checkout: Adobe Dreamweaver CS5 HTML5 Pack

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