Adobe Creative Cloud priced at USD 50 per month

Adobe has announced the pricing details of their upcoming subscription platform Adobe Creative Cloud.

Adobe Creative Cloud would cost individual users USD 50 per month provided they commit to a yearly subscription.

Adobe Creative Cloud priced at USD 50 per month

Corporate accounts would cost USD 70 per month per user. It comes with collaborative features in addition to what the general users get.

Adobe Creative Cloud would come bundled with access to Adobe Creative Suite 6 apps in addition to other goodies like 20GB of cloud storage and the mobile apps offered by Adobe.

The company is hoping that a subscription service would enable more people to start paying for their software products.

Adobe Creative Suite can cost as much as USD 2000 depending upon the product package you go for. This makes it very unaffordable for a lot of people who end up taking the piracy route. This also becomes a bad deal when newer versions are launched.

Getting subscribed to this new package would ensure that the users always have access to the latest editions of the apps though it would cost significantly more in the longer run.

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