Adium 1.5 released with some major enhancements

Adium 1.5 released with some major enhancements

With the launch of Apple Messages, a lot of analysts believe that Adium would find few takers.

The developers behind the project however are still working on the best instant messaging app for Mac OS X out there.

They have just released Adium 1.5 with some major updates.


Changes under the hood
This release requires Mac OS X 10.6.8 and an Intel Mac. It is the first Adium release to feature 64-bit support. This means that you will need to update any plugins you have installed (notably Skype). As always, these can be found on our xtras site.

New icons
Bogdan Mihaiciuc contributed a great set of icons which you will notice all across Adium: in the preferences, in the chat window and in the Transcript Viewer.

Improved Transcript Viewer
The Transcript Viewer was polished to look native on modern versions of OS X. “Next”/”Previous” buttons were added for highlighted search terms within a transcript (similar to Safari). Stephen Holt completely rewrote the log indexer making indexing faster and searching more accurate.

Other various user interface improvements
Our dock icon now uses a shiny round badge when on Lion as well as better looking overlays. The “Get Info” window’s appearance was relieved of many visual glitches. The contact list’s icon menu has been updated to look native on recent versions of Mac OS X. The “About Adium” was also updated. Credits for the graphics go to Mike Houben & Paul Wilde. Our iTunes and Address Book integration is more flexible and easier to configure using tokens.

Growl support
Adium 1.5 also includes a change to how we show notifications. We still include support for Growl, which is an application that can show notifications from other applications on your Mac. Growl 1.3 got a major update and is available on the Mac App Store for $1.99. But, to allow you to still get notifications for free, we have enabled showing notifications even if Growl is not installed. You can fully customize when these notifications are shown. If you do not like them, you can turn them off in Preferences → Events. However, if you want to use a different skin or use some of the more advanced features of Growl, you will have to either buy it from the Mac App Store, or get an older and free version from

Libpurple changes
We have also updated libpurple to 2.10.0. Regrettably, that means we have had to remove support for QQ. QQ was removed from libpurple as it had not been updated and was known to not work for a long time, which left us no choice but to remove it as well. If you are brave, there is an unofficial plugin available on which aims to bring support back.

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